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October – treats and catnip

October is nearly gone and WebMistress has finally gotten around to an update!!

Mimi has a new love: a cat treat toy! Little crunchy kitty treats go inside and then kitty paws at said toy to make the treats come out of the toy. It didn’t take Mimi long to figure out that this device gives her treats when she knocks it over. In fact, she has also discovered that she simply needs to put her tongue in the hole and a treat will pop out. Smart cat.

Treats for Meems

Not one to be left out of the fun, Sushi was found frolicking with the orange catnip mouse that was Loulie’s birthday present a few years ago. Both of the girls continue to love this toy.

Sushi...fully extended and a little under the influence of the orange catnip mouse...

Finally, while the photo below is blurry, Mimi’s intent is clear: She’s flipping you off.

I'm Mimi Le Mew. Suck on it.




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