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Sushi and her milk ring

Sushi has recovered from her spa day and ever since that day, she has been uncharacteristically playful. This kitty is not one who typically plays with toys. Yes, the occasional cat nip mouse or laser dot do pique Sushi’s interest; however, over the last two weeks, an unassuming red milk ring (the plastic thing from the top of a milk container that is usually tossed into the trash) has captured her attention. She picks it up in her mouth or between her front paws and then flips it into the air. Even Mimi was seemingly confused by Sushi’s regression into her kittenhood. Perhaps losing all of her heavy fur made her happy. Perhaps she was bored. Maybe she just wanted to see Mimi’s reaction. Regardless, we at World Headquarters are sure loving watching Sushi play!
…And…here are some shots of Sushi and her fancy post-spa-day coiffure.

Naked Sushi and her heating pad


Sushi enjoying the morning sun

Bedtime with Sushi

 Check out the girls relaxing before bedtime.

Mimi and Sushi hanging out on the electric blanket

 Here’s a pretty shot of Mimi on her purple blanket. Look at those dreamy eyes!

Lovely Mimi gazes out the window.




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