Loulie, the founder of LoulieTheCat.com, was born on 10-Jul-1996 in Frederick County, Maryland. I adopted him from the Frederick County Humane Society (a no-kill shelter) on 10-Oct-1996. He was neutered, as all males should be.

Loulie peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 07-Mar-2014 after living a long life filled with love and joy and cat nip. No words could ever fully express the love he brought to the world or the absolute happiness he brought to WebMistress.

Everyone who met Loulie loved him, rightfully so. He was always the first to the door to greet any visitors and say hello. Loulie was very chatty and we could talk to one another for hours. No, I'm not kidding. If spoken to, he would always have something to say. He used to love talking on the phone with his Grammy Barbara. In fact, he actually called her one morning in 1997...he stepped on the redial button on the phone and called her. (Grammy Barbara was not actually amused, however, and she hung up the phone, not realizing that her grandcat was calling! She did feel badly when she found out later that day that it was Loulie who was on the other end of the phonecall.)

With Loulie's chronic health issues, WebMistress is even happier that Loulie came into her life. It is posisble that someone else might not have had the resources or inclination to care for Loulie properly for over 17 years...He was given everything that a cat could have possibly wanted or needed - most of all, LOVE. Be assured that Loulie never wanted for ANYTHING - ever - and that he could not have been more loved and cherished by anyone.

Loulie has left behind his adopted sisters Mimi Le Mew and Sushi to care for WebMistress...and they certainly have their work cut out for them!!

Loulie had many interests, some of which are listed below...As you can see, he was always a very busy cat...

  • chasing that damn red laser dot around the floor
  • international travel (to visit his Uncle Andy in Canada)
  • lounging in our home
  • chasing Mimi Le Mew, his adopted sister (also from a no-kill shelter)
  • napping
  • playing with furry mice
  • chasing Sushi, his adopted sister
  • sleeping
  • grooming
  • knocking things off of the counters
  • going for rides in the car
  • napping in the sinks or tub
  • sitting on his window perch observing birds and other annoying outdoor creatures
  • grooming
  • playing with those plastic ring thingies that come off of gallon milk jug lids
  • napping
  • posing for photos
  • enjoying medicinal catnip


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