Mimi kneads!!

No one ever sees the sweet, vulnerable side of Mimi Le Mew. She does not allow it; however, WebMistress finally captures a little lovin' with Mimi on video. Please enjoy Mimi in happiness.

7 seconds of Sushi

This little clip of 7 seconds was actually taken on August 28th. Miss Sushi had a private moment in bed. She was air kneading and WebMistress simply had to record it to share with everyone.

Birthday nip II

This is part II of Loulie's birthday nip fest with his new orange mouse. He played with this thing until it was soaked with his saliva. He even grasped it between his furry paws!

Birthday nip I

On the occasion of Loulie's 17th birthday, he was given presents. It seems that his most favorite one is a very catnippy orange mouse. He really loves this new toy. Sushi also appears briefly in this one!

Washing on the couch

Loulie and Mimi love to sit on the back of the couch. They do not usually sit as closely as they are in this clip. You can observe both kitties washing their faces. It is quite the scene.

Mimi's bliss

Are you all Mimi'd out? How could that be?? This is another lovely clip of Meems. She loves to be brushed and she really LOVES to brush her own furry face. She shows full love for the brush.

Mimi's nip ball encounter IV

After having been freed from the base of the couch, the nip ball is again loved up by Meems. She has yet another go at it and she gives it her all. That's just how Mimi rolls in part IV, yo!!!

Mimi's nip ball encounter III

The nip joy continues in part III starting Miss Mimi. The ball is now trapped at the base of the couch and Mimi is all up in the nip. She is comfortably numb and very, very cute in this clip.

Mimi's nip ball encounter II

This is part II of Mimi's encounter with the nip ball. She is really starting to get into it, as you can see. The couch has a leather bottom to it and you will note that Mimi loves leather.

Mimi's nip ball encounter I

Mimi also loves the nip ball and she is not shy about showing it. It is rare for anyone to see Mimi act in such a free and happy way, though WebMistress sees this side of Meems all the time. Enjoy!!

Sushi's nip ball encounter

Miss Sushi is enjoying the intoxicating catnip ball in this clip. She doesn't have a problem. She can stop anytime. It just happens that she does not want to stop yet. Don't you judge her.

Loulie and the nip ball

This yummy catnip ball has taken hold of all the kitties here at LoulieTheCat.com World Headquarters. Loulie shows the nip ball a whole lotta love, but it is just medicinal - honest!!

Mimi loves her table

Mimi loves her table. She has been known to rub and rub and rub her face on the table leg. She is clearly marking her territory. Who would ever have guessed that a cheap table would please her so?

Sushi's kneading joy

Most folks do not have the opportunity to see Sushi at her happiest and for those people I weep. This HD clip is meant to share a little of Sushi's bliss in kneading WebMistress' lap.

Grass-eating medley

Try to contain your excitement, but this clip is a compilation of THREE kitties! It begins with Mimi, then goes to Loulie, and finishes off with Sushi. Each of the kitties took a little time to nom some tasty cat grass. Enjoy the feast!

Sushi the Lion - With Grass

Miss Sushi received her lion cut (from Miss Norma) and she wanted to show it off a bit. Her outdoor adventure began with grass eating and subsequent heaving of said grass. Oh, and she myaked in this clip immediately prior to puking.

Bird watching

The cats all love watching the birds at the window. Today, Loulie and Sushi were treated to a veritable plethora of fighting birds. If you listen closely, you can hear the bird screech at one another.

Henry moonwalks - kind of

It takes two adults 30 minutes and two strained backs to get Mimi into a transport box. On her own, she mosied into Henry's regrettably pink box. He cautiously approaches and then wisely retreats.

Mimi and Henry stare-off

Still in Henry's regrettably pink box, Mimi taunts henry with her mere existence. Henry is clearly interested in Miss Le Mew and he timidly paws at her. Mostly, they just stare at each other longingly. It is rather cute.

Henry and squeaky mouse

In this exciting clip, you get to watch Henry play with the squeaky mouse on a string. He gets a little excited and you can see and hear him pant. He even tries to carry away his mouse prey, albeit unsuccessfully.

Loulie and the green mouse

At the time of this video, Loulie was 13.5 years old. You are mistaken if you think that this old kitty just sits around and licks himself. Not only does he do that, but he also plays with his mice. It is pretty keen, I think.

Mimi vs. The Light

Mimi loves to chase reflections of things in the morning sun. Her most favorite thing is The Light™ that comes off of a compact mirror or a cell phone. Watch Mimi's early-morning spaz-out session and enjoy!

Henry: Spanks and death kicks

Henry enjoys a good, sound spanking (like Stella). Young Henry got just what he wanted in this clip; however, the human spanker was the recipient of the spankee's terrifying (?) barrage of death kicks.

Mimi and the vet (part 1)

Mimi is not an easy cat to maneuver into a box. In fact, for her first vet visit since her adoption, it took two (two!!!) full-grown humans to capture her. This is Meems in a box at the vet. She is clearly NOT amused.

Mimi and the vet (part 2)

Okay, so Mimi is now on the table. I am not sure that she is angry, but she is definitely scared and considering the best method of revenge on the humans who brought her to the vet. Meems perservered.

Mimi and the vet (part 3)

Meems survived her vet visit and the associated humiliation and indignity. She is safely home and very happy to be there. Yay for Meems! She is safe from the vet for another year - possibly longer than that.

Stella's recovery - in HD

Stella is in recovery from a little dental surgery. Michael got a new camera with HD video capabilies and his first subject was Miss Stella. Watch closely because Henry makes a cameo. (Cameow?)

Sushi vs. DoppleSushi

Sushi has an evil twin, a DoppleSushi, if you will. This kitty usually visits at night, but today there was a morning visit. Neither of the cats hiss, but Sushi usually meows and scratches the window.

Herny's 1st on-camera sneeze

What can I say about this one? Henry follows Sheemi around all the time, even on the table. You'll see that Sheemi doesn't care. You will also see Henry's very first on-camera sneeze. Can you stand it?!

Screamin' Henry

For a little kitten (a mere 2.1 pounds), Baby Henry sure has a loud voice. Though in no apparent distress, Henry still wishes to make his presence known. He sounds like a bird I have heard, but he's cuter.

Henry the motorboat

Little Baby Henry is quite vocal and he is not shy about it. Henry and I were sitting on the couch and his purring was so loud that I HAD to get it on camera. (dark and grainy video, but great audio)

A little nap

This was from Henry's first day at his new forever home. In all the excitement, little Henry simply needed to grab a little cat nap. I suppose in this case it would be more of a kitten nap, eh?

Henry meows on the perch

This is Henry's first day at LoulieTheCat.com East. He wasted no time in making himself comfortable, including hopping up on the perch. Sheemi was there to keep his little brother safe.

Henry's caged car ride

This is a short excerpt of Henry's very first ride in the car. It was raining very hard and Henry seemed to be very interested in the commotion. There was much fawning over him in this clip.

Do not want: gum popping

One day I was popping my gum and I noticed that each time I did it, Sushi made a little chirping sound. We call them "myaks." Please enjoy this clip of Sushi making myak sounds.

Mimi & Sushi - water gazers

You may remember Sushi's fascination with the water bottle. Mimi also enjoys a water bottle filling. The girls showed restraint this time around, but have been known to knock over the bottle.

Loulie's stair fury

Michael can be seen instigating a cat fight between Loulie and Sheemi. In this short clip you will see Loulie tell Sheemi off and you will see Sheemi appear to be very confused. Thrills.

Sheemi's stair playtime

Sheemi LOVES his stuffed Ikea mice. We recently captured his love of these mice so that you can share the mouse love. He will stare at you from the stairs when he is ready to play. Then you must play.

Sushi & Stella, snow watchers

One fine April day in 2007, we experienced a bit of snow flurries. Sushi had never seen snow before, so she was quite excited to see those pretty white flakes. Stella was not quite as impressed.

Cat fight!

Here's one from the vault! Mimi and Sushi were a little bored and decided to make things more exciting. Paws and fur were flying! Well, it was't really that intense, but it was amusing.

Snow watchers - again

Right. This is not exactly the most compelling video, but I needed something to fill up the space. It is actually part 3 of the series "Snow watchers." I won't subject you to parts 1 or 4. I'm not that cruel.

Stella & Sheemi on the Perch

Stella does not particularly care for Sashimi. His habit of pouncing on her out of the blue has left Stella with a bad taste in her mouth, but she shared a perch with him ever so briefly.

Sashimi the Squirrel Watcher

Sashimi loves to sit on the perch at the back door and watch the squirrels eat peanuts. Note that his ears are folded down, no doubt to enhance his observation skills. The squirrels taunt him so.

Observing a Squirrel Chase

This day was an exciting one for Sheems. Not only did he share a perch with Stella, but he was also amused by the squirrels. In this clip, you will see Sheems observing an exciting squirrel chase.

Sashimi's Corn Feast

Corn. Cats. One does not typically associate one with the other -- until now. Sashimi helped himself to an eaten ear of corn right from the table and feasted for his first July 4th meal.

Sashimi the Door Licker

Sheems learned this little trick from Mimi. Inexplicably, Mimi began to lick the bathroom door one night. A half hour later, Sheems also started licking the door. These cats aren't right.

Sashimi and the Weasel

Sashimi is an energetic cat who is new to LoulieTheCat.com World Headquarters. He was recently introduced to a stuffed weasel to distract him from the other cats. I think it is working!

Mimi's Catnip Frenzy

The elusive Mimi Le Mew is not shy all the time. Now and again she will indulge herself in some catnip. For those who have yet to see Mimi in the flesh (um, fur?), this clip is sure to please.

Loulie's Casual Dot Playtime

Loulie might not ba a kitten any more, but he still likes to play as much as one. On this particular day, however, he was a little tired. His encounter with the laser dot was sedate but amusing.

Mimi & the Rainbow String

Stella and Sushi love to play with their rainbow string toy, so when they came to visit, their toy came with them. Mimi also loves this toy, but you'll see that Sushi tried to intrude on her playtime!

Spanking Stella

Stella loves to be spanked. (Don't ask how we know this.) Michael gave Stella some of what she needs while she was on her perch. Turn up the volume and you can hear her chirp and growl.

Sushi & the Hand Monster

Sushi is still a kitten and she loves to play. Aggressive, Sushi enjoys biting and scratching. She wears soft paws to cover her needle-of-death claws, but they don't always stay on for long.

Four Cats at the Window

All four kitties were caught sitting at the same window - peacefully. There was no hissing! This could be the nexus of the universe! Each cat smiled for the camera, but Stella gave it a good sniffing.

Loulie and Sushi Packing

I travel a lot and Loulie always watches me pack my suitcase. (Maybe he is planning his escape?) Sushi thought that she would try to help me, but all she did was annoy Loulie. Michael decided to play "Hand Monster" with her.

Sushi & the Sheepskin Rug

Sushi was caught relaxing after an exciting day of chasing Stella and eating Stella's food. She must have been regressing into her kittenhood, kneeding the sheepskin rug. There is just too much cuteness in this video!

Mimi and the Dot

One of Mimi's favorite things to do is to chase the red laser dot. She's quite spastic and she goes crazy trying to capture the dot. When she is not playing the dot game, she sits on the floor intensely looking for it.

Sushi and the Water Dish

This is Sushi's internet debut! She loves water and enjoys watching the bubbles when a fresh dish of water is put out for the cats. She also knows how to work a 5-gallon water dispenser.

Loulie and the Ladybug

Loulie was playing with a ladybug. It got on his paw, so he tried to eat it. Maybe her legs tickled him, so he did not eat it. The lucky ladybug tumbled from his paw and made her escape.

Loulie and the Laser Dot

All cats enjoy the excitement of chasing laser dots. Loulie is no exception. Loulie runs around and around trying to catch the evil, red laser dot. Does he catch it? Watch and see for yourself!

Loulie in the Sink

Loulie has an affinity for sinks, as do many kitties. He enjoys all colors and styles of sinks. Sometimes he lives on the edge and jumps into tubs. Watch him relax in this yellow sink.

Loulie on the Blue Couch

Watch Loulie relax on his couch after a long day. What did he do all day? He ate, played with furry mice, chased some furry mice,and ate some more. He looked so cute that I had to pet his head.

Sleeping Loulie

Loulie has had a long day, so he decided to nap on a homemade afghan. Okay, okay, maybe this clip is not as compelling as most, but give me a break. He's a freakin' cat, for cripes sake.

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